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The German Krah AG does production and installation of pipe production plants for plastic pipe in diameters up to 4000 mm. Currently it is headquartered in Schutzbach, Germany.


The family-owned company has a 40 year history rooted in a small engineering company specializing in the design of small machines and tools founded by Karl-Heinz Krah in 1968 in Westerwald. Over time the company has developed from a small workshop and "one man show" to a worldwide manufacturer of specialized machines in pipe production plants for big diameters of non pressure plastic pipes, as well as plastic pressure pipes. The company is still family-managed currently by Alexander Krah, the youngest son of Karl-Heinz Krah. The company has production facilities in Spain, Croatia, Germany, Argentina, USA, Kuwait, Oman and Mexico.[1] In 2007 an Arab investor injected money in cash for a 50% share in the company.[2] The remaining shares are held equally by Karl-Heinz Krah and Alexander Krah.[3]

In 2008 the Krah pipe manufacturer (Krah Pipe Systems)in Greenwood/USA set up the world's first plant for large diameter helical extrusion pipes, ranging up to 120 inches (3,048 mm) for municipal water.[4]


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