Krishna Prakash Bahadur

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Krishna Prakash Bahadur
Born 21 February 1924
Died lucknow
Occupation Writer
Nationality Indian
Subject Philosophy, History

Krishna Prakesh Bahadur is an Indian writer from Allahabad, India who published a large number of books, including many, on history, philosophy and poetry.


K.P. Bahadur was born on 21 February 1924 in Allahabad.[1] He attended St Joseph's and St Mary's and La Martiniere in Lucknow. He received his MA from Allahabad University.he married late Prem Lata Bahadur from bhopal.she has also written some famous novels.his family currently resides in lucknow.

He served in the Indian administration including Inspector of Prisons and served as a magistrate for ten years. He served on various tribunals.

He has written over fifty works[1] including books on religion, philosophy, history sociology, fiction, humour, translation and work for juveniles.some of his famous books can also be seen in the shelves of big libraries abroad.


  • Vidya Visharada
  • Vidya Ratmakara
  • He also Honored with "Proud Past Alumni" in the list of 42 members, from "Allahabad University Alumni Association", NCR, Ghaziabad (Greater Noida) Chapter 2007-2008 registered under society act 1860 with registration no. 407/2000.[2][3][4]

Major works (incomplete)[edit]

  • Folk tales of Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1972, 117pp.
  • Rāmacaritmānasa: a Study in Perspective. Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1976, 365pp.
  • The wisdom of Yoga: a study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1977, 116pp. ISBN 0-8002-0185-X
  • Population Crisis in India, New Delhi : National Publishing House, 1977, 180pp.
  • Castes, Tribes and Cultures of India, 7 vols, Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1977-1985. (Vols 8-9 by Sukhdev Singh Chib)
  • The wisdom of Nyaaya, New Delhi: Sterling, c1978, 246pp.
  • The Wisdom of Saankhya, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1978, 222pp. ISBN 0-8002-0186-8.
  • Upaniṣads: Hindu scriptures of spiritual truth (ed), New Delhi: Heritage, 1979, 308pp.
  • The wisdom of Vaisheshika, New Delhi : Sterling Publishers, c1979, 207pp.
  • The Seen and the Unseen, Lucknow : Anuj Publications, 1980, 116pp.
  • A History of Indian Civilisation, 7 vols, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1979-1983.
  • The wisdom of Vedaanta, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, c1983, 412pp.
  • Rajiv Gandhi: Man with Destiny, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1985, 154pp. ISBN 81-7000-004-1
  • History of the Freedom Movement in India, 5 Vols, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1986-1989.
  • The Wisdom of Yoga: a Study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Sterling Publishers Private Ltd 1988 ISBN 81-207-0330-8
  • A Source Book of Hindu Philosophy, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1995, 403pp. ISBN 81-7000-174-9
  • The Raj and After, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1996, 244 pp. ISBN 81-7000-170-6
  • A New Look at Kabir. New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1997, 288pp. ISBN 81-7000-205-2
  • Sufi Mysticism, New Delhi: Ess Ess Publications, 1998, 265pp. ISBN 81-7000-250-8.
  • The Poems of Suradusa by Suradusa, Knishna Prakash Bahadur Abinhay publications. ISBN 81-7017-369-8

Translations into English[edit]

  • The Rasikapriyā of Keshavadāsa, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1972, 248pp.
  • Selections from Rāmacandrikā of Keśavadāsa, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1976, 177pp.
  • Love poems of Ghananand, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1977. 202pp. ISBN 81-208-0836-3
  • The Parrot and the Starling Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1977, 183pp. ISBN 0-8426-1034-0
  • One Hundred Songs of India, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1978, 198pp.
  • Bangla Love Poems. Dreamland Publications, 1978, 97pp. (A collection of medieval Vaishnavite poems)
  • The Satasaī/ Bihārī , London: Penguin/Unesco, 1992, 404pp. ISBN 0-14-044576-5
  • Mīrā Bāī and her Padas, New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal, 1998, 115


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