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Kristina Olsen performs at Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba NSW Australia, in March 2006

Kristina Olsen (born May 26, 1957, San Francisco, California) is an American contemporary folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for her sometimes humorous,[1] heartfelt and sometimes ribald songs. Many of her recordings appear on Rounder Records. On her recent albums, she collaborates with the Australian cellist Peter Grayling and mandolinist Alan Hughes.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Haight-Ashbury during the 1960s, Kristina's approach to music and life was formed by that environment of vital cultural expression, social activism and diverse musical influences.[2]

In 1985 Olsen won the New Folk songwriting contest at the prestigious Kerrville (Texas) Folk Festival[3] with her song for battered women, 'I'm Keeping This Life of Mine'[2]

Many acclaimed artists as Eric Bibb, Fairport Convention, Maddy Prior, Mary Coughlan and Mollie O'Brien have covered and recorded songs by Olsen.

Olsen has also worked as a session musician on numerous artist's albums including playing the hammered dulcimer on Michelle Shocked's album 'Short Sharp Shocked' and touring as Mary Coughlan's guitarist in 2005.

Olsen has performed as a multi-instrumentalist in plays for the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles Music Center.

Olsen is a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine, writing articles on guitar and performance technique.

Kristina has been part of a songwriters' group for over two decades and has taught songwriting, slide guitar and dance for musicians at adult music camps from Alaska to NYC to the UK to Australia for over a dozen years.[2]


  • Kristina Olsen (1992)
  • Love, Kristina (1993)
  • Hurry On Home (1995)
  • Live From Around the World (1997)
  • Duet (1998)
  • Truth of a Woman (1999)
  • All Over Down Under (2002)
  • In Your Darkened Room (2004)
  • Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling Live DVD (2004)
  • Quiet Blue (2008)
  • They Paid Us in Tub Time (Audiobook/Ebook) (2013)
  • Chemistry (2014)
  • Sweet Stillness (2016)

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