Kuckuck Schallplatten

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Kuckuck Schallplatten
Founded 1969
Founder Eckart Rahn
Status Moved to Berlin, Germany, in 2005
Distributor(s) Deutsche Grammophon (Polydor)
Genre Progressive rock
Country of origin Germany
Location Munich
Official website Blacksun.com

Kuckuck Schallplatten (engl.: Cuckoo Records) is a German record label founded in August 1969 by Eckart Rahn, Mal Sondock and the advertising agency ConceptData in Munich, growing out of his music publishing company E.R.P. Musikverlag which was founded on April 1, 1968. It was distributed by Deutsche Grammophon (Polydor). It is the first German progressive rock-label. It is now the longest-surviving independent label in Germany, possibly the world.[citation needed] Most of its recordings have been reissued on CD, and all are now available as downloads.


Some early releases by Kitaro were licensed to the label through Pony Canyon, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan.

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