Kuku Nyungkal dialect

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Kuku Nyungkal
Gugu Njunggal
Region Annan River, Queensland
Ethnicity Kuku Nyungkal people
Native speakers
5 (date missing)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog kuku1274[1]

Kuku Nyungkal (also spelled Kuku Njunggal, Guugu Nyungkul, Gugu Njunggal[3]) is an Australian Aboriginal language and the language of the Kuku Nyungkal people of Far North Queensland. It's a variety of Kuku Yalanji still being spoken (though by fewer people than speak Kuku Yalanji itself).[4] Most of the speakers today live in the communities of Wujal Wujal and Mossman.

The UNESCO Atlas of World Languages in Danger includes Kuku Nyungkal language as part of a larger Kuku Yalanji languages listing, identifying and listing all the Kuku Yalanji languages as a whole as being "severely endangered" [5]



Kuku Nyungkal has three vowels as follows:[4]

Vowels English equivalent
a as in f a ther
i as in p i t
u as in p u t


Kuku Nyungkal has thirteen consonants as follows:[4]

b d j k l m n ny ng r rr w y

All are pronounced as they would be in English, with the rr used for a rolled r, as in the Scottish r.

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