Kumboola Island

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Kumboola Island
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 17°57′18″S 146°08′31″E / 17.955°S 146.142°E / -17.955; 146.142Coordinates: 17°57′18″S 146°08′31″E / 17.955°S 146.142°E / -17.955; 146.142
Area 0.06 km2 (0.023 sq mi)
State Queensland

Kumboola Island is in the Family Islands group and located approximately 15 km North East of Tully Heads and immediately south of Dunk Island. It is part of the Family Islands National Park. It is around 6 hectares or 0.06 square km in size.[1]

The island contains areas of rainforest and transitional forests where eucalypt species are emerging.[2]

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