Kumho Asiana Main Tower

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Kumho Asiana Main Tower
General information
TypeOffice Building
Town or citySeoul
CountrySouth Korea
ClientKumho Asiana Group
Technical details
Floor count29 Stories and 8 Basements
Floor area60,695 sq. meters
Design and construction
Architecture firmSamoo Architects & Engineers, G.S Architects & Associates
Main Official Website

Kumho Asiana Main Tower (금호아시아나 본관) is the headquarters of the Kumho Asiana Group, a South Korean conglomerate.

The head office of Air Seoul is in the building.[2]


Unlike the adjacent apartment and office buildings, the Kumho Asiana Main tower is curved. The designers said they were inspired by the image of an airplane in flight. [3] Kumho Asiana is the parent company of Asiana Airlines. [4] The glass and steel façade also sports a digital media board. The art façade is illuminated by 42,000 LED light bulbs to display different designs or works of art by commissioned artists. [5]

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