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The Kunara Khel or Kanera Khel are a Baloch tribe, sub tribe of Azam Khel clan, which is a major clan of Lashari tribe. Azam Khel and Kundo Khel had been migrated to Mianwali District after the Baloch civil war in Balochistan. They are a branch from the main Baluchi tribe. The Kunara tribe living in Punjab, Dera Ismail Khan, speak Siraiki as their first laungage. The Kanera Khel tribe had sub clans like Buqa Khel, Dilay Khel, Jamaal Khel, Kalu Khel, Belay Khel, Sidiqu Khel, Saleh Khel, Golay Khel, Rehman Khel and Hazoor Khel. It is a part from the Azam Khel Tribe of Lashari Baloch.

Aaza Kanera: Aaza Kanera belonged to the Dera Ismail Khan. He was born in 1800, and he was a great fighter who would fight for the sake of poor people. As a result, he has many enemies. One morning he was killed by some people with a knife.


Kunara tribe is settled in the Punjab, and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. They mostly found in Western Punjab particularly in Dera Ghazi Khan (Kala), Bhakker, and Dera Ismail Khan.