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Kung Fu Dino Posse
Title card
Created byPeter M. Lenkov
Written byPaul Greenberg
John Derevlany
Peter M. Lenkov
Al Schwartz
Voices ofMatthew Gorman
Laura Kolisnyk
Brent Hirose
Nolan Balzer
Simon Miron
Carey Smith
Kevin Michele
Country of originCanada
South Korea
United Kingdom
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes39 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Michael Hirsh
Toper Taylor
Pamela Slavin
Al Schwartz
Han-Young Kang
Moon-Ju Kang
Attila Leyai
Producer(s)Jonah Stroh
Eun-Joo Jang
Chung-Bok Lee
Andreas Drewling
Henning Westerwelle
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Cookie Jar Entertainment
Sunwoo Entertainment
Sunwoo Asia-Pacific
Optix Entertainment
DistributorCookie Jar Entertainment
Original networkCITV
Original release2 October 2010 (2010-10-02) –
2011 (2011)

Kung Fu Dino Posse is a Canadian-South Korean-Singaporean-German animated television series created by Peter M. Lenkov and produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc., Sunwoo Entertainment Co. Ltd., Sunwoo Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd., and Optix Entertainment GmbH. It premiered on CITV in the United Kingdom on 2 October 2010. In the past, it also aired on Starz Kids & Family in the United States and YTV and Vrak (French Canadian Dub) in Canada .


With the evil Skor thawed out in modern-day Megalopolis, it is up to the heroic, recently defrosted Kung Fu Dino Posse to stop him and his bumbling brother from destroying the city. The fate of the human race lies in the hands of 4 prehistoric kung-fu fighting dino heroes, Kane, Chow, Jet and Lucy.[1]

Main characters[edit]

Kung Fu Dino Posse[edit]

  • Kane: (voiced by Matthew Gorman) A Green Tyrannosaurus rex, and the leader of the Posse. He is the most headstrong (perhaps too headstrong) and confident of the Posse, and his just heart won't let Skor get away with his evil plans. Sometimes, he can get a little too serious with the task at hand, and his pride can get the better of him in some situations, but he is a natural leader and will be first to the rescue when his friends are in trouble. Apparently, he prefers quieter hobbies, (previously didn't like loud music) and is still less familiar with the modern world.
  • Lucy: (voiced by Laura Kolisnyk) A Yellow Triceratops, and the only girl in the Posse. She is quite resilient, calm, collected, and can follow and enforce orders from Kane without hesitation, but can be quite sarcastic. She is quite worldly and knowledgeable of the time of the dinosaurs and the modern era. She is seemingly quite into "girl stuff" in the modern era, such as having "girl talks", and her mannerisms and personality also reflect this, she sometimes gets annoyed with Jet and Chow's immature remarks or actions.
  • Jet: (voiced by Brent Hirose) An Orange Pteranodon. Comes off as the most street smart and (modern) worldly of the Posse, especially in terms of language (referring to many people as "Dudes"). He comes off as rude, somewhat of a jerk, and full of himself but can be helpful, and quick to cover up a situation with words to those who are unaware. At times, he can be quite hasty which gets him captured or into trouble, usually as a result of trying to command the Posse, and take charge from Kane.
  • Chow: (voiced by Nolan Balzer) A Red Stegosaurus who has a voracious appetite. The largest and physically strongest dino in the Posse, and not exactly the smartest dino out there and can come off as somewhat clumsy and naïve, and more often than not, his appetite gets the best of him, but he is a very friendly and kind, dinosaur, just don't hide food from him. He seems quite quick to adapt and mimic the personalities and mannerisms of different people and new situations.

Friends of the Posse[edit]

  • Edgar Chudley: (voiced by Simon Miron) He aids the Posse with his knowledge in mathematics, science and technology. Sometimes his knowledge and overthinking is too much for the Posse. He lives in the museum with the posse.
  • Polly: (voiced by Amy Tang) Another friend of the posse, who studies in the field of paleontology. Edgar has a crush on her.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Agatha Dimplecorn: (voiced by Gloria Nikkel) She is an elderly lady who is often heckling (unintentionally) with the Kung Fu Dino Posse.
  • Professor Sherman Daniels: Polly's grandfather and curator of the museum.


  • Skor: (voiced by Carey Smith) The main antagonist of the series, and older brother of Skrap, he usually orders Skrap and his other minions to do his dirty work, such as stealing crystals from the Posse, while he stays in his lair. Although both Skor and Skrap are both referred to "raptors" in the first episode, they both have neck frills akin to the Dilophosaurus depicted in the 1993 film Jurassic Park.
  • Skrap: (voiced by Kevin Michele) Skor's younger, less intelligent brother, who reluctantly takes orders from his brother to do his dirty work. His regular incompetence with tasks disappoints and annoys Skor.


1. Meet the Posse-Aspiring paleontologist Edgar Chudley discovers four dinosaurs self-trained in the ancient martial art of Kung Fu living in the basement of the museum where he works. Edgar learns that the Dinos were recently defrosted after having been frozen in ice for nearly 60 million years. He also learns that they are not the only dinos on the loose.

2. Jurassic Roadshow-The Posse find an old slab that reveals a crystal set inside a prehistoric centerpiece. They rush to get it before Skor does.

3. Flower Power-While the Posse searches for a crystal in a flower nursery, Edgar is held hostage by an old friend with an obsessive crush.

4. Miss Congenialosaur-A crystal is found in the crown of the Lady Megalopolis pageant and Chow enters to win it away from Skrap.

5. Dinos on a Plane-The Posse detect a crystal in a suitcase being loaded onto a passenger jet. Kane and Chow sneak onto the plane to find the crystal before Skrap does.

6. All the Queen's Dinos-A visiting queen has a crystal in her possession and the Posse try to get it, as well as trying to prevent her general from using a satellite laser cannon on the city.

7. Digging for Dinos-A spoiled rich boy named Jimmy Riley digs up a crystal and convinces Jet and Skrap to turn against the Posse and Skor when the two teams come for the crystal.

8. Extreme Edgar-When Skor discovers a crystal hidden in the Extreme Fighting Championship Belt, he devises a plan to get it. Since only humans are allowed to compete, he tricks Edgar into becoming his protégée.

9. Straight Outta Megaopolis-A famous rapper named M.C. Klenz is shooting his music video at the museum when the Dino Posse learns of a crystal somewhere in the rapper's vicinity. They join his band to locate it while Jet attempts to resurrect his old dreams of rock stardom.

10. Polly, I Shrunk the Dinos-In a desperate attempt to get the crystals back from the KFDP, Skor shrinks down Skrap and sends him to infiltrate the KFDP headquarters. It is all going according to plan, until a very tired Chow accidentally eats Skrap and the crystal! Kane and Lucy are shrunk down so they can locate the two of them in Chow's body while Jet and Edgar try to keep Chow calm.

11. Wing Nuts-Jet is suffering from terrible wing odor and receives a device from a doctor that leaves him unable to fly. However, it's all part of Skor's latest plan to nab a crystal.

12. Best Dino Friends Forever-Lucy is disgusted by the guys' antics and wishes she wasn't the only female dinosaur left. Her wish is granted when a female dinosaur named Leela is found frozen in ice, but the guys aren't too sure about her.

13. To Skor, With Lava-As the KFDP headquarters becomes more modernized, Kane feels like he's losing touch with his dino roots. So he announces to the others that he's moving out into a rustic cave on the outskirts of town just like back in the good old prehistoric days. Meanwhile, Skrap tries to obtain lava for an ill Skor.

14. Swimming Lessons-A crystal activates in the water plant and the mutant begins sucking up all the water in the city. However, the Posse have a bigger problem: Kane's crippling fear of water.

15. Dino Demotion-Skor has the Posse declared not actual dinosaurs, resulting in them being put in a zoo and allowing him to wreak havoc unopposed.

16. Dinos in Space-Skor's latest plan sees him turning a building into a giant electromagnet to attract Bailey's Comet into crashing down on Megalopolis and destroying the Posse.

17. Loose Links-The Links rebel after being fed the wrong thing at lunch and end up working for Edgar, forcing Skor to use a powerful and dangerous Endstone crystal.

18. Dino Cruise-After playing the home version of one of his favorite competitive eating shows, Chow receives a phone call naming him winner of a cruise for him and all his friends. Unfortunately, it's a trap set by Skor to send them crashing into an iceberg to free a crystal.

19. Dimplecorn-Realizing local octogenarian Agatha Dimplecorn is a surprisingly powerful combatant, Skor attempts to channel her rage towards the Posse especially since the Dinos respect their elders too much to fight back.

20. Dinos in the Desert-The Posse detect a crystal in the desert and set off on a road trip to find it while Skor and Skrap try to stop them.

21. Kung Fu Cloned Clowns Rule!-Skor creates clown clones of the gang to display in the town circus to make them look like fools.

22. Attack of the Were-Dino-Polly becomes a Were-Dino and begins trashing Megalopolis. The gang tries to find the antidote.

23. Dino Get-Away-The Dino Posse and Skor go camping in the same forest and Skrap tries to keep them from seeing each other.

24. Mindless Fun-Skor's newest mutant puts Kane, Lucy and Chow under mind control, leaving it up to Jet to save them before Skor takes over the museum and steals the fossils the Posse have locked up.

25. Dinos on Ice-Skor befriends the mayor and plans to blow up the city's water supply to start another ice age.

26. Skored Straight-Edgar blasts Skor with his newest invention, turning the evil velociraptor good.

27. Silent But Dino-Chow eats food tainted by Skor, resulting in him producing tons of methane.

28. Dino of the Year-Skor tricks the gang into thinking they are nominated for Dino of the Year and blasts them into space.

29. A Pain in the Neck-While trying to turn himself and Skrap into a Combosaur, Skor's head ends up on Kane's neck.

30. Megaloporock-Kane is turned evil by Skor and joins him in turning Megalopolis to stone.

31. Evil Lair of the Month-Skrap gets put in charge of building Skor a new evil lair in the forest.

32. Team Gnarly-Skor creates a fake skateboarding company that makes Jet steal a powerful laser weapon.

33. Won't Get Skooled Again-Skor infiltrates the elementary school in order to turn the students into Links.

34. A Very Dino Wedding-Polly's grandfather falls in love with a disguised Skrap in Skor's latest attempt to take over the museum.

35. Jet Lays an Egg-An egg mutated by Skor ends up in Jet's bed and Jet is convinced he laid it.

36. Breaking Up is Hard to Do-Skrap quits working for Skor and the Posse try to get them back together.

37. The Mayor of Skoropolis-The mayor of Megalopolis takes ill and Skor becomes deputy mayor, giving him control of the city.

38. Gator Grudge-Alligators attack Kane while the gang is at the zoo, giving Skor the idea to recruit them to fight the Posse.

39. Frankendino-Skrap goes to steal Edgar's brain for Skor's latest monster but steals Chow's brain instead.[1][2]


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