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kunkeshwar temple

Kunkeshwar is a village in Maharashtra, India.

This town is situated on the bank of Arabian Sea. There is a temple for the Hindu deity Shiva in the town. This temple is holy place in Konkan, and is also known as Konkan Kashi.The Name of kunkeshwar comes from Temple Kuneshwar it means in marathi"God Shiva"

Kunkeshwar is built along the sea. Kunkeshwar produces Alphonso mangoes.

Kunkeshwar is located in the Sindhudurg district. Kunkeshwar is 16 kilometers away from Devgarh(devgad), 54 kilometers from Malvan and 60 kilometers from Kankavli. The nearest railway station is in Nandgaon which is approximately 42 kilometers away from Kunkeshwar.and best railway station option is kankavli railway station where all railways stops which is 60 kilometers,you can check timetable


The temple of Kunkeshwar was built many years back. According to legend, a sailor traveling in the sea for trade came near the beach of Kunkeshwar. Suddenly a havoc appeared in sea. The sailor was a Muslim. The ship seemed to sink in the sea. He saw a lamp on that beach. He prayed to that lamp "I don't know who you are. But if you will help me and stop the havoc I will build a temple for you". And his ship came to the seashore of Kunkeshwar without any problem. He built the temple as promised. The Lingam was already there. As the Sailor was a non-Hindu, he thought that his religion will not accept him. Therefore, he committed suicide from the top of temple.

Yearly Jatra/Yatra Of Kunkeshwar

Once in a year All over Maharashtra peoples come to visit Lord Shiva on Festival Of Mahashivaratri[1] in February month of each year and it celebrate upto three days "amavsya(Amanta)" in marathi.

you can see view of kunkeshwar mandir [1]

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