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Kuntz Electroplating Incorporated
Surface Finishing
Predecessor Kuntz Brewery
Founded October 16, 1948 (1948-10-16)
Founder Oscar Kuntz
Headquarters 851 Wilson Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Paul Kuntz, Robert Kuntz Sr. (CEO)
Revenue $70,000,000+
Number of employees
Website kuntz.com
Chrome Plating

Kuntz Electroplating Incorporated is a family owned surface finishing company specializing in Chrome plating. It is North America's largest polishing and plating company for original equipment manufacturers of steel, aluminum and zinc components for the automotive, motorcycle, appliance and specialty equipment industries.

The company is one of the oldest and largest companies in Waterloo Region.

Kuntz was a division of Magna International for 12 years (1978-1990).


The Kuntz Brewery was sued in 1929 for bootlegging to the United States for $200,000. The Brewery had to be sold and the leftover money was passed down to Oscar Kuntz where, 18 years later, he started building a new company for plating metal.

The company is now owned by the sons of Oscar, Bobby Kuntz and Paul Kuntz.


Original Purchase[edit]

In 1947 Oscar Kuntz purchased a building owned by Carr Brothers on Princess Street in Waterloo. At that time named Metal Finishers.


  • 1951, company moved to the larger Nyberg Street location. 6,000 square feet 50 employees.
  • 1956, expansion to 12,000 square feet (1,100 m2).


  • 1965, moved to current location on Wilson Ave. 19,000 square feet (1,800 m2).
  • 1968, anniversary added 11,000 square feet (1,000 m2) the "old Hoist Line" and a new Polishing building, 100 employees.


  • 1973, new maintenance division, chemical lab, quality control center, automotive lines and shipping department, 150 employees and 52,000 square feet (4,800 m2).
  • 1978, joined Magna International added 23,000 square feet (2,100 m2).


  • 1985, added 7,500 square feet (700 m2) for waste treatment plant.
  • 1988, expanded to 425 employees for 40th anniversary.
  • 1989, acquired "Formulated Coatings of Brampton." added 90 employees and a 120,000-square-foot (11,000 m2) facility.


  • 1990, separated from Magna International to pursue own interests.
  • 1993-1996, large growth allowed the acquisition of 300 new employees for a total of 675.
  • 1997, wheel plating expanded (now the largest sector) hired 150 new employees.
  • 1999, adopted environmentally friendly practices, built steam generator giving 50% of total power.


  • 2000, expanded plating line, adopted a new robotics program to raise production and added a new water treatment facility.
  • 2001, The company reached its peak with 1,200 employees and a 750,000-square-foot (70,000 m2) complex.
  • 2004, partnered with Harley-Davidson bring total production up to 3,000,000 parts per year.
  • 2008, company downsizes to endure global recession. It was one of the few manufacturers to survive in Waterloo Region.


  • 2010, recalled a portion of the laid off workers bringing total back to 850 employees.

Official Mission Statement[edit]

“To be the best at what we do.”

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Charitable Donations[edit]

Kuntz Electroplating has made numerous large donations to local charities and associations in Waterloo Region.

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