Kurage, Nagareboshi

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"Kurage, Nagareboshi" / "Jellyfish, Shooting Star"
Single by Ai Otsuka
from the album Love Letter
B-side H20
Released September 10, 2008 (2008-09-10)
Format CD, CD+DVD
Recorded 2008
Genre J-Pop
Label Avex Trax
Writer(s) Ai Otsuka
Ai Otsuka singles chronology
"Rocket Sneaker / One × Time"
"Kurage, Nagareboshi"
"Bye Bye"
Alternative cover
CD + DVD cover

Kurage, Nagareboshi (クラゲ、流れ星; Jellyfish, Shooting Star) is Japanese pop singer Ai Otsuka's 18th single, released on 10 September 2008. It will include a CD-only and CD + DVD format, as well as four different covers to celebrate her 5-year anniversary. There will be a 5th anniversary limited edition CD-only and CD + DVD version, as well as regular CD-only and CD + DVD versions. It is described as a "heartwarming ballad for the summer". The 5th Anniversary covers pay homage to the covers of her debut single, Momo no hanabira, whose release this single is meant to commemorate. Kurage, Nagareboshi is similar in style to Kingyo Hanabi and Planetarium;[1] people often group the three songs together. It was used as the theme song for the TBS series, Koisuru Hanikami!.[2]

First pressing will include a written comment card and a jacket sticker.[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Ai Otsuka. 

No. Title Arranger(s) Length
1. "Kurage, Nagareboshi (クラゲ、流れ星; Jellyfish, Shooting Star)"   Ai×Ikoman 4:52
2. "H20"   Ai×Ikoman 3:27
3. "Ame no Tsubu, Waltz: Love Music (雨の粒、ワルツ ~Love Music~; Raindrops, A Waltz: Love Music)"   Ai×Ikoman, Strings arrangement: Mio Okamura 4:09
4. "Kurage, Nagareboshi (クラゲ、流れ星; Jellyfish, Shooting Star)" (Instrumental) Ai×Ikoman 4:52
5. "H20" (Instrumental) Ai×Ikoman 3:27
No. Title Director(s) Length
1. "Kurage, Nagare Boshi (クラゲ、流れ星; Jellyfish, Shooting Star)" (Music video)    

"Kurage, Nagareboshi" is a ballad to mark the end of the summer. "H2O" is an upbeat pop/rock song, as an upbeat song is often released with a ballad single to equalize the mood [the same vice versa—i.e. "Happy Days" had "Hoshikuzu" and "Rocket Sneaker / One × Time" had "One x Time"]. "Ame no Tsubu, Waltz: Love Music" is a new song reprising the chorus of "Love Music" found on Love Cook.

5th Anniversary Covers[edit]


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
September 10, 2008 Oricon Daily Charts 3 46,846