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Kuramo Beach is a sandy beach in Lagos, Nigeria, located at the south side of Victoria Island, just east of Bar Beach and south of the Kuramo Waters lagoon.[1] It was the location of numerous illegal shanties and cabins, some of them being used for music entertainment, bars and prostitution.[2][3] In August 2012, a surge of the Atlantic Ocean hit Kuramo Beach, destroying some of these shacks and killing 16 people.[4] The next day government authorities evacuated the area, demolished the remaining shacks[2] and began to refill the sand.[5]

The ocean surge is said to occur every August at the beach, though in former years no lives were lost.[5]


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Coordinates: 6°25′19″N 3°26′00″E / 6.4220°N 3.4334°E / 6.4220; 3.4334