Kurgazak cave

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Kurgazak Cave
Кургазакская пещера
Кургазакская пещера у побережья реки Ай.jpg
Location Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia
Coordinates 55°08′19″N 58°43′34″E / 55.13861°N 58.72611°E / 55.13861; 58.72611Coordinates: 55°08′19″N 58°43′34″E / 55.13861°N 58.72611°E / 55.13861; 58.72611
Type karst and limestone cave
Length 530 m (1,739 ft)
Height 20 m (66 ft)
Site notes
Excavation dates 18th century
Archaeologists Peter Simon Pallas

Kurgazak Cave (Russian: Кургазакская пещера) is a cave in the Ural Mountains, in the Ay River valley. Located in the Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia, and between the villages Mezhevoy Alexeevka is a natural monument. The first mention of the cave belongs to the second half of the 18th century, when it was described by Peter Simon Pallas academician.

The cave entrance is located at an altitude of about 20 meters, 150 meters from the Ay River. Length - 530 m, depth - 16 m. The cave is formed in the Devonian strata of limestone and karst cavity represents the main-corridor-type, consisting of three large halls interconnected passageways.