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Kurt Bollacker

Kurt Bollacker is an American computer scientist with a research background in the areas of machine learning, digital libraries, semantic networks, and electro-cardiographic modeling. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from The University Of Texas At Austin. He was co-creator of the CiteSeer research tool[1] as a visiting researcher at the NEC Research Institute, the technical director of the Internet Archive, and a biomedical research engineer at the Duke University Medical Center. He is currently pursuing research on long term digital archiving as the Digital Research Director at the Long Now Foundation.[2] His previous position was Chief Scientist at Metaweb Technologies [3] until Feb, 2009, after which he spent time as a philanthropist and worked at Applied Minds.

In January, 2011 he joined Infochimps as a consulting Data Scientist.[4][5] In 2012, Bollacker joined the Advisory Board of The Common Crawl Foundation [6]


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