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Kwan Tei (Chinese: 軍地) is an area in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is northeast of Lung Yeuk Tau and at the northwest of Lau Shui Heung, namely northwest of the major new town of Fanling.


The area situates on a plain surrounded by hills at its north and south. The Ng Tung River, Tan Sha River and Kwan Tei River are major rivers in the area.


The name of Kwan Tei means "military place" in Cantonese. Barracks were built here by the British Army during the colonial era. To the west of Kwan Tei, Gailiopi Lines (新圍軍營) is located near San Wai, a walled village north of Lung Yeuk Tau. To the south, Burma Lines (皇后山軍營) is on Queen's Hill (皇后山). The Field Patrol Department of the Hong Kong Police Force is also near Queen's Hill.


The plain is fertile and suitable for farming with various villages.


Sha Tau Kok Road goes through the heart of Kwan Tei, connecting Lung Yeuk Tau and Sha Tau Kok.

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Coordinates: 22°30′20″N 114°09′42″E / 22.5056°N 114.1617°E / 22.5056; 114.1617