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Country France
Basin features
Main source La Bastide-de-Sérou
570 m (1,870 ft)
43°02′02″N 01°29′03″E / 43.03389°N 1.48417°E / 43.03389; 1.48417
River mouth Ariège
155 m (509 ft)
43°27′48″N 01°25′07″E / 43.46333°N 1.41861°E / 43.46333; 1.41861Coordinates: 43°27′48″N 01°25′07″E / 43.46333°N 1.41861°E / 43.46333; 1.41861
Progression AriègeGaronneAtlantic Ocean
Basin size 351 km2 (136 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 70.3 km (43.7 mi)
  • Average rate:
    2.01 m3/s (71 cu ft/s)

The Lèze (French: la Lèze) is a 70.3 km- (43.7 mi) long river in the Ariège and Haute-Garonne départements, southwestern France. Its source is in La Bastide-de-Sérou. It flows generally north. It is a left tributary of the Ariège into which it flows between Labarthe-sur-Lèze and Clermont-le-Fort.

Départements and communes along its course[edit]

This list is ordered from source to mouth: