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The pontoon quay in Lühe

Lühe is a Samtgemeinde ("collective municipality") in the Altes Land west of Hamburg (Germany). Lühe has a population of about 10,000 and belongs to the district of Stade, Lower Saxony. The seat of the municipality is in Steinkirchen in Altes Land. Lühe is named after the river Lühe which runs through Guderhandviertel, Mittelnkirchen, Neuenkirchen in Altes Land and Steinkirchen.

Component municipalities[edit]

The Samtgemeinde Lühe consists of the following municipalities:

  1. Grünendeich
  2. Guderhandviertel
  3. Hollern-Twielenfleth
  4. Mittelnkirchen
  5. Neuenkirchen in Altes Land
  6. Steinkirchen in Altes Land
Lühe-Schulau ferry
Somfletherwisch lighthouse

Coordinates: 53°33′N 9°36′E / 53.550°N 9.600°E / 53.550; 9.600