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L'enfant penchée, 1st edition cover

L'enfant penchée (literally, The Leaning Child) is a graphic novel by Belgian comic artists François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters, the sixth volume of their ongoing Les Cités Obscures series. It was first published in serialized form in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine À Suivre (#193-212), and as a complete French volume first in 1996 by Casterman.

Although subsequently also published in at least Dutch and German, for many years, L'enfant penchée remained unpublished in English. However in March 2014 Alaxis Press published the official English translation under the title The Leaning Girl.[1]


L'enfant penchée was originally based on the short illustrated children's book Mary la penchée (1995) by Schuiten & Peeters. With L'enfant penchée, they majorly elaborated on the same story.

Differences between editions[edit]

L'enfant penchée, later edition


In French[edit]

  • L'enfant penchée, 1996, Casterman
  • L'enfant penchée, 2007, Casterman


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