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LIHKG logo.png
Type of site
Available inTraditional Chinese
Area servedHong Kong Edit this at Wikidata
Alexa rankIncrease 17 (Hong Kong, July 2019)
RegistrationOptional[notes 1]
Current statusActive

LIHKG Forum (known as 連登) is a multi-category forum website based in Hong Kong. The website has gained popularity since the launch in 2016, and is often referred as the Hong Kong version of Reddit.[1][2][3]

The website is well-known for being the ultimate platform for discussing the strategies for the leaderless anti-extradition bill protests in 2019.[4][5]


Registration of membership is restricted to persons with a Hong Kong ISP or an institution of higher education located in Hong Kong. Registered members may create threads on the site, while uploading contents such as text posts, hyperlinks or images. The posts then receive replies and may be voted up or down by other members. Posts are separated into various categories and are then grouped together in the "Chat" category.[6][7]

Threads with more up-votes and replies appear towards the top of topic sections and, if they receive sufficient votes and replies, ultimately on the site's "Popular" section.[8]

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  1. ^ LIHKG can be viewed without an account but registration is required to submit, comment or vote.


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