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Heloise McCeney (January 19, 1876 – after 1920), stage name La Belle Titcomb, was an American vaudeville performer known as The Parisian Dancer on Horseback.[1] Her act usually had her riding upon a white horse while singing operatic arias.[2]

La Belle Titcomb
NYPL Digital Collection
Born (1876-01-19)January 19, 1876
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Occupation Vaudeville Entertainer
Years active 1867–1903

Early life[edit]

Heloise McCeney [3] was born on January 19, 1876 in Washington, D.C.,[4] the daughter of Robert and Anna (née Broom) McCeney.[3] Robert McCeney, a native of Washington D.C., served as secretary for the National Fair Association in Washington.[3] He died in San Leandro, California on December 9, 1898 after a short bout with pneumonia.[5] Her mother died five years later on February 27, 1903, and was interred at Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington D.C.,[6] as was her father and a younger brother, Robert, who died in 1884. McCeney also had a half-brother, Charles, from her mother's previous marriage.[7]


Heloise McCeney's first marriage was to a San Francisco dentist, Charles B. Titcomb. Her second marriage, to Waine Weinerbet (his last name was given as "McEinbett" in a contemporary New York Times article) ended in divorce on May 13, 1910,[8] in Chicago on the grounds of "extreme cruelty."

Her third marriage was to fellow vaudeville performer Nat M. Wills on May 23, 1910. Upon their divorce four years later, she received a substantial alimony settlement which led to a legal battle to have the amount reduced after Wills married actress May Day (actress).[9]

Titcomb kept her married name after their divorce and listed herself as a widow after Wills died in 1917.[10] La Belle Titcomb continued to perform all over the world, though scant record of her exists after 1920.



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