The Countess of Baton Rouge

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The Countess of Baton Rouge (French: La Comtesse de Bâton Rouge) is a romantic comedy film by Canadian director André Forcier, released in 1997.

The film stars Robin Aubert as Rex Prince, a filmmaker who travels to Louisiana and takes a job as the human cannonball at a circus sideshow in the hopes of winning the love of Paula Paul (Geneviève Brouillette), the bearded lady and the titular Countess of Baton Rouge. The film's cast also includes Isabel Richer, David Boutin, Frédéric Desager, France Castel and Louise Marleau.


The film garnered several Genie Award nominations at the 18th Genie Awards, including Best Actor (Aubert), Best Supporting Actor (Desager), Best Supporting Actress (Castel) and Best Director (Forcier).

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