The Countess of Baton Rouge

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The Countess of Baton Rouge
Directed byAndré Forcier
Produced byRoger Frappier
Written byAndré Forcier
StarringRobin Aubert
Geneviève Brouillette
Isabel Richer
Frédéroc Desager
Gaston Lepage
Music byMichel Cusson
CinematographyAndré Turpin
Edited byRichard Comeau
Release date
1997 (Canada)
Running time
94 minutes

The Countess of Baton Rouge (French: La Comtesse de Bâton Rouge) is a romantic comedy film by Canadian director André Forcier, released in 1997.


The story begins in a contemporary Montreal theatre where a projectionist describes to director Rex Albert (Robin Aubert) that a ghostly spirit seems to be haunting his film. The story then flashes back to the 1960s when Rex was making his first film. One night he visits a freak show and meets Paula, a beautiful bearded lady (Geneviève Brouillette). For Rex it’s love at first sight, so he’s upset when she takes off to join a Cajun circus in Louisiana. A few months later, Rex races southward to become a human cannonball in the same circus. The story jumps back to the present to Rex’s latest film, La Comtesse de Baton Rouge, a chronicle to his strange love affair with Paula. The film is another offbeat fantasy about characters that live on the margins of society from director André Forcier.[1] The film's cast also includes Isabel Richer, David Boutin, Frédéric Desager, France Castel and Louise Marleau.


The film garnered several Genie Award nominations at the 18th Genie Awards, including Best Actor (Aubert), Best Supporting Actor (Desager), Best Supporting Actress (Castel) and Best Director (Forcier).


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