La De Da (album)

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La De Da
La De Da.jpg
Studio album by Joel Plaskett
Released 2005
2006 (re-release)
Recorded Flying Blanket, Mesa, Arizona
Genre Indie rock
Country rock
Length 45:07
Label MapleMusic
Producer Joel Plaskett
Ian McGettigan
Bob Hoag
Joel Plaskett chronology
Truthfully Truthfully
(2003)Truthfully Truthfully2003
La De Da
Make a Little Noise
(2006)Make a Little Noise2006
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Edmonton Sun 4/5 starslink

La De Da is the second solo album by Joel Plaskett, released in 2005, following two albums released under the band name Joel Plaskett Emergency. The 2006 release also includes the three-song EP Make a Little Noise, by Joel Plaskett Emergency which was also released as a bonus CD with the Make a Little Noise DVD.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Joel Plaskett except where noted.

  1. "Absentminded Melody" – 1:40
  2. "Happen Now" – 3:28
  3. "Lonely Love" – 2:59
  4. "Lying on a Beach" – 6:02
  5. "Television Set" – 2:25
  6. "Truth Be Told" – 3:05
  7. "Wishing Well" (Al Tuck) – 4:06
  8. "Non-Believer" – 4:37
  9. "Nina and Albert" – 3:16
  10. "Paralyzed" – 3:39
  11. "Natural Disaster" – 5:36
  12. "Love This Town" – 3:30

Album credits[edit]


  • Joel Plaskett: vocals, guitars, keyboards, and "a bit of everything"
  • Bob Hoag: percussion and backing vocals on Tracks 2,4,7,8
  • Ian McGettigan: bass on Tracks 4,6,7,8
  • Jon Rauhouse: pedal steel on Tracks 3,4,7,11,12


  • Produced by Joel Plaskett, Bob Hoag, and Ian McGettigan
  • Recorded and Mixed at Flying Blanket in Mesa, Arizona (Summer 2004)
  • Mastered by Brett Zilahi at Joao Carvahlo Mastering, Toronto, Ontario (August 20, 2004)

Make a Little Noise (2006 bonus EP)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Joel Plaskett.

  1. "A Million Dollars"
  2. "Nowhere with You"
  3. "Make a Little Noise"


Joel Plaskett Emergency:

  • Joel Plaskett: vocals and guitar
  • Dave Marsh: drums and vocals
  • Ian McGettigan: bass and vocals


  • Produced by Gordie Johnson
  • Arranged by Gordie Johnson and The Joel Plaskett Emergency