La Légende du roi Arthur

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La Légende du roi Arthur
Quand l'amour change le cours de l'histoire
La Legende du roi Arthur poster.jpg
Official poster for the 2015 premier in Paris
MusicZaho, Skread, Frédéric Savio
LyricsFrancois Chouquet
BookDove Attia
Premiere17 September 2015: Palais des congrès de Paris

La Légende du roi Arthur is a French-language musical comedy written by Dove Attia that premiered in Paris in September 2015. The show then toured through France, Belgium, and Switzerland.[1]


The show opens with Merlin gathering the people together to select the new king of Britain by pulling the sword Excalibur from a stone. All members of the nobility who attempt to remove the sword fail and a tournament is organised in the hope of finding the one worthy to retrieve Excaliber. Arthur is a young groom in the service of his adoptive brother. When he loses his brother's sword for the tournament, Arthur, unaware of its significance, pulls the sword from the stone. His action is seen by several people and he is hailed as the new king.[2]

Some members of the nobility pledge allegiance to Arthur, whereas others argue against crowning a man of lowly birth. Merlin reveals Arthur's true identity as the son of the last king, Uther Pendragon, but some, led by Maleagant, refuse to accept the rule of an illegitimate royal child and declare war.[2]

Merlin takes Arthur to the Forest of Brocéliande to train him. Here, Arthur is called to the aid of one of his loyal lords, whose castle is besieged by Maleagant. With Merlin's magic, Arthur successfully breaks the siege, but is wounded. He is nursed by the lord's daughter, Guinevere, whom Arthur falls in love with and pledges to marry. Merlin predicts that Guinevere will somehow be the cause of Arthur's downfall.[2]

Before the wedding, Arthur's half-sister, Morgane, arrives at Camelot and seduces Arthur by taking on Guinevere's appearance. She becomes pregnant and vows that her child will inherit Arthur's kingdom. Morgane then unites with Maleagant to prevent Arthur's marriage to Guinevere. Some time later, the wedding celebrations have been prepared, but are disrupted by the arrival of Lancelot, who immediately falls in love with Guinevere. Despite their attraction to each other and Morgane's schemes to bring the two lovers together, Guinevere and Lancelot resist remain faithful to Arthur.[2]



King Arthur - Florent Mothe
Morgan le Fay - Zaho
Guinevere - Camille Lou
Lancelot - Charlie Boisseau
Maleagant - Fabien Incardona


Merlin - David Alexis
Gawain - Dan Menasche
The Man of the People, The Spirit, and Urien - Julien Lamassonne
Leïa, accomplice to Morgane - Tamara Fernando
Sir Kay, Arthur's half-brother - Yamin Dib

Awards and honours[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref
2015 NRJ Music Award Francophone Duo/Group of the Year Florent Mothe & Camille Lou Nominated [3]


La Légende du roi Arthur has been adapted by the Japanese theatre troupe Takarazuka Revue, who performed it at the Bunkyo Civic Center, Tokyo in September 2016.[4] La Légende du roi Arthur has also been adapted and performed at the Chungmu Arts Center, Grand Theater, Seoul from March to June 2019.[5]

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