La Mar Province

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La Mar
Location of La Mar in the Ayacucho Region
Location of La Mar in the Ayacucho Region
FoundedMarch 30, 1861
CapitalSan Miguel
 • MayorEulogio Vila Montaño
 • Total4,392.15 km2 (1,695.82 sq mi)
2,661 m (8,730 ft)
 • Total82,473
 • Density19/km2 (49/sq mi)

La Mar Province is a province in the north-east corner of the Ayacucho Region, Peru. It was created on March 30, 1861.[1]


One of the highest mountains of the province is Rasuwillka at approximately 4,800 m (15,700 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[2]

  • Animasniyuq
  • Apachita
  • Aqu Kunka
  • Chillwas
  • Ch'illka
  • Ch'illka Qucha
  • Ch'uru Q'asa
  • Hatun Parya Urqu
  • Hatun Urqu
  • Ichhu Pata
  • Ichhu Rutuna
  • Kallki Q'asa
  • Kancha Kancha
  • Kuntur Qaqa
  • K'allapayuq Urqu
  • Llaqta Urqu
  • Muru Qucha
  • Nina Q'iru Punta
  • Nina Urqu
  • Pallqa Urqu
  • Pisqu Willka
  • Pukar
  • Phaqcha Wasi Kiska
  • P'unqu
  • P'unquyuq
  • Qallpa Urqu
  • Qarwa Pata
  • Qucha Q'asa
  • Qucha Urqu
  • Rayu Q'asa
  • Rumi Chaka
  • Rumi Rumi
  • Runa Wañusqa
  • Salta Waylla
  • Silla Q'asa
  • Sinqan
  • Waman Pirqa
  • Wanu Pata
  • Wayta Pallana
  • Yana Rumi
  • Yana Urqu
  • Yana Willka

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into ten districts (Spanish: distritos, singular: distrito), each of which is headed by a mayor (alcalde). The districts, with their capitals in parentheses, are:[3][4]

Ethnic groups[edit]

The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Quechua is the language which the majority of the population (82.96%) learnt to speak in childhood, 16.58% of the residents started speaking using the Spanish language (2007 Peru Census).[5]


Some of the most important archaeological sites of the province are K'allapayuq Urqu and Waraqu Urqu.


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