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For the township of this name, see La Plume Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

Cover art by Alfons Mucha for La Plume.

La Plume was a French bi-monthly literary and artistic review.[1] The magazine was set up in 1889 by Léon Deschamps, who edited it for ten years and was succeeded as editor by Karl Boès from 1899 to 1914.[1] Its offices were at number 31 rue Bonaparte, Paris.[2] From its beginning, famous artists such as Willette, Forain, Eugène Grasset, Toulouse-Lautrec, Maurice Denis, Mucha, Gauguin, Pissarro, Signac, Seurat and Redon contributed to it. One of its most famous issues is that devoted to le Chat noir. The magazine supported for symbolist art stance.[3]

From 1903 La Plume sponsored weekly poetry events which included famous poets such as Max Jacob and Alfred Jarry.[4] The magazine folded in 1914.[1]


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