La Prensa (Buenos Aires)

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La Prensa (Buenos Aires) logo.gif
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Multimedios La Capital
Publisher Máximo Gainza
Founded 1869
Political alignment conservatism
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Circulation 100,000
Website La Prensa

La Prensa is an Argentine daily newspaper.

La Prensa headquarters is capped by a bronze monument to liberty in 1898

Based in Buenos Aires, it was founded on 18 October 1869 by José C. Paz. La Prensa ranked among the most widely circulated dailies in Argentina in subsequent decades, earning a reputation for conservatism and support for British interests in Argentina. Following the election of populist leader Juan Perón, La Prensa declined due to both competition from new dailies (notably Clarín), as well a to government pressure. This latter development culminated in the paper's April 1951 seizure by the state, and its sale to the CGT labor union.

La Prensa was returned to the Gainza Paz family by the succeeding regime in 1956, though its readership never regained its pre-1951 levels. Ultimately, the company sold its landmark Avenida de Mayo headquarters in 1988 to the city, which converted it into the City Cultural Ministry.

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