La Saga de los Confines

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Saga of the Borderlands (Spanish: La Saga de los Confines) is a collection of three fantasy novels, written by Argentine writer Liliana Bodoc. The first book, The Days of the Deer, was published in 2000, the second one The Days of Shadow arrived in 2002 and the third and last one, The Days of Fire, hit the bookstores in 2004. This work takes form in the epic fantasy genre and it takes place in an imaginary world called The Fertile Lands (Tierras Fertiles). The main plot of the saga revolves around the Fertile Lands' peoples' struggle against the armies of evil Misaianes, from The Ancient Lands.

An English Translation of The Days of the Deer was published in August 2013 by Atlantic Books.


In the Ends of the Earth, the southern end of the Fertile Lands, lives the husihuilkes people, one of them is Dulkancellin, a warrior and father of a large family. He is called to represent his people at a Council meeting in the distant city of Beleram. Magical and ancient manuscripts speak of the arrival of men from across the sea, and speak of wicked Misáianes, son of the Death and the "Eternal Hatred". When the meeting finally occurs, the war comes to the Fertile Lands and its inhabitants should defend not only their land, but their entire way of living.


Dulkancellin's family[edit]

Dulkancellin: The main character. It's the representative of the husihuilke clan. A monstruously mighty warrior, he serves as the protagonist for the first book.

Shampalwe: Dulkancellin's wife. She died the day Wilkilén was born.

Thungür: Dulkancellin's older son. A great warrior in the making, much like his father.

Kume: Dulkancellin's second son. A quiet and sad boy.

Kuy-Kuyen: Dulkancellin's third born child. His first daughter.

Piukemán: Dulkancellin's youngest son.

Wilkilén: Dulkancellin's youngest daughter.

Kush: Dulkancellin's mother.

Cucub: A man of a race called zitzahay, he is an artists and he's the one who brings humor to the story. Renowned as a great storyteller, he is of much importance to the plot.

Wizards and magical creatures[edit]

They are the ones who bring magic to the Fertile Lands, which is one of the most important elements in the story. The main wizard is named Kupuka, and his loyal friends The Chewer, The Falcon Wizard, The Little Father of Step, Three Faces and Welenkín.

The Ancient Lands[edit]

Misaianes: The main antagonist in the entire saga, a being representing a hungering void, who wants to conquer the Fertile Lands. He was spawned when death ignored the prohibition of never giving birth to a child of her own.

The Death: The mother of Misaianes. She spawned him out of loneliness, since she was feared and reviled by all living beings just for doing her job.

Drimus: An evil wizard who serves Misaianes as a prophet of his greatness in the fertile lands. Serves as a more practical antagonist than his master.