La Source, Haiti

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La Source
Communal section
La Source is located in Haiti
La Source
La Source
Location in Haiti
Coordinates: 18°26′0″N 73°55′0″W / 18.43333°N 73.91667°W / 18.43333; -73.91667
Country Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Department Grand'Anse
Arrondissement Corail
Elevation 416 m (1,365 ft)

La Source is a communal section in the Corail Arrondissement, in the Grand'Anse department of Haiti.

It was mentioned in a recent documentary film called The Philosopher Kings.[1] One former resident who has emigrated to the United States, Josue Lajeunesse, has been active in bringing a clean water source closer to the village, whose residents had previously needed to travel to a nearby mountain for water, a twenty mile round trip. Currently, he is trying to provide a permanent and reliable water system utilizing cisterns for each house so the water is even more accessible. After the water system is implemented this year, in 2010, he would also like to provide the village with electricity, in the form of solar panels, and computers.[2]

Lasource sustained heavy damage in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and around half the structures in the town were damaged or destroyed.[3]

The implementation of the water system is being captured in a documentary film exclusively devoted to Josue and the fulfillment of his dream. The documentary starts shooting on location in Haiti in late March 2010. The film, entitled "La Source" shows the partnership between Josue and an organization called Generosity Water whose mission is to bring clean water solutions to developing countries.


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