La Virgen de las Siete Calles (TV series)

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For the novel by Alfredo Flores, see La Virgen de las Siete Calles.
La Virgen de las 7 Calles
Genre Telenovela
Dramatic television series
Created by Author:
Alfredo Flores
Enrique Alfonso
Directed by Juan Miranda
Starring Marisol Mendez
Juan Carlos Zambrana
Opening theme "La Virgen de las 7 Calles" - the theme
(by Erwin Vaca Pereyra)
Country of origin Bolivia
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 15
Location(s) Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Production company(s) SAFIPRO

La Virgen de las Siete Calles (Spanish for: "The Virgin of the Seven Streets") is a Bolivian telenovela adapted from a novel with the same name by Alfredo Flores. Produced by Santa Cruz Films Productions in 1987 with a total of 15 chapters, the TV drama was adapted for television and directed by Enrique Alfonso and Juan Miranda.


It tells the story of Zora Abrego, only daughter of Antorio and Aurora, who died in a hunting accident and fire. After losing her parents, Zora is in the charge of her aunt Paulina, who hated the girl because she envied the life of Aurora. When Zora, the "Virgin", matures, she is virtually sold by her aunt to Juvenal Roca, who after a while fleeing after committing a crime. Zora meets the newcomer Carlos Toledo at a party. Romance develops between them after the return of Juvenal, but ends in tragedy.

Profile of the characters
  • Zora Abrego, a beautiful woman who received the nickname "The Virgen of the Seven Streets" because, since childhood, her features were so perfect that she compared her with a Virgin by the residents of the area "The 7 streets" (Las Siete Calles) of Santa Cruz at 1920. Her blue eyes and honey-colored hair gave him such a characteristic that differed from the other girls.
  • Carlos Toledo, a young student, returning from Buenos Aires after several years to fix an economic problem that prevented him from completing their studies.
  • Juvenal Roca, is a man without scruples that has interest by Zora, convinces her aunt Paulina to take her. He has no affection and often humiliates her.


  • It was one of the first drama miniseries produced in Bolivia.
  • Both the literary and television production were well received by the public Santa Cruz of Bolivia.
  • The book has again gathered force through the TV series, but in television production only presented the story of manners and love, leaving aside the social background that is described in the novel.
  • The background music was played by outstanding musicians in the middle known as José René Moreno (on guitar), the synthesizer Pablo Orellana & Otto Rau. The opening theme was an instrumental song played on harmonica.

Megavisión Channel 18 (re-released in 2007)


in order of opening
Actor/Actress Character
Marisol Mendez Zora Abrego / Aurora
Juan Carlos Zambrana Carlos Toledo
Agustín Saavedra Juvenal Roca
Efraín Capobianco Juan Bravo
Carlos Jordán Alberto Chavez
Betty Justiniano Paulina
Eduardo Galarza Antonio
Claudia Alfonso Zora Abrego (child)
María del Carmen de Alfonso Ms. Concepción
Frida Soria Aunt Petrona
Etelvina Peña Aunt Virginia
Antonio Anzoategui Coloreta Gutiérrez
Danny Matiezo Rosa
Enrique Alfonso Diego Marañon
Raúl Bauer Ramirito
Sandra Sorich Carolina
Sandra Mercado Alicia
Marcia Capobianco Josefina
Luis Valenzuela Aurelio Ortiz
Jaime Sebastián
Delmiro Vargas
Jorge Flores
Bernardo Céspedes
Luis Valenzuela
Lorgio Jordan
Roxana Capobianco
Genoveva Quevedo
Monica de Urey
Marcia Capobianco
Sandra Mercado
Sandra Sorich
Franz Viscarra
Fanny De Alfonso
Udalrrico Zambrana
Willie Grunbaum
Rosa María Barba
Marcela Escalante
Joao Jose Antonio
Enrique Amador
Garret Ohogins
Antonio Gil
Emigdio Ávalos
Edmundo Ribera
Lily De Rivero
Ricardo Alfonso Carlos Toledo (child)
José Luis Capobianco
Katty Gutiérrez
Monica Landivar
Claudia Landivar
Any Barroso
Rodolfo Suárez
Joaquín De La Fuente
Carlos Ortiz
Percy Román
Carlos Callaú
Mireya De Díaz
Rómulo Dresco
Fernando Natusch
Paúl Chávez
Widen Sorich
Aida Terrazas
Jazmine Soruco Spanish dancer

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