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A lacrosse ball

A lacrosse ball is the solid rubber ball that is used, in conjunction with a lacrosse stick, to play the sport of lacrosse. It is typically white, for Men's Lacrosse, or yellow, for Woman's Lacrosse; but is also produced in a wide variety of colors.

The old NCAA specifications are:

140 g – 147 g
62.7 mm – 64.7 mm
From 1,800 height 1,092 – 1292 mm (70% rebound from falling point)
Rubber content

According to the 2015 and 2016 Men's Lacrosse Rules and Interpretations: "The ball shall be white, yellow, orange or lime green smooth or slightly textured solid rubber. The ball must meet the current NOCSAE lacrosse ball standard." Later, in further defining the required specifications, the document states: "The measurements for the ball shall include the following: The ball shall be of white, yellow, or orange solid rubber. The ball may measure between 7 3/4 and 8 inches in circumference. The ball may weigh between 5 and 5 1/4 ounces in weight."[1]

Beginning with the 2014 season, all three governing bodies for lacrosse in the United States (US Lacrosse, NFHS, NCAA) have mandated that only balls meeting the NOCSAE ball standard may be used for competition. Balls must be emblazoned with the words "Meets NOCSAE Standard" in order to be deemed legal for play by game officials.

Starting no earlier than June 2016, all lacrosse balls will have to meet the new NOCSAE Standard.[2]


The main manufacturers[citation needed] of lacrosse balls are Guardian Pearl, CrankShooter, Signature Lacrosse, Champion Sports, FEIERDUN, Champro Sports East Coast Dyes, Warrior, STX, Maverik, and Brine. Brine is the exclusive supplier of lacrosse balls to Major League Lacrosse with their orange "justin diamond" ball, Brine is the official supplier of lacrosse balls to the NCAA, and STX is commonly used in high school and junior (little league) lacrosse.[citation needed] The National Lacrosse League uses Signature Lacrosse balls meeting NCAA standards [3] . In Canadian box lacrosse all balls must be Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) approved; the main brand in which Canadian box lacrosse balls are used is Gait.

Guardian recently developed a new ball—the Pearl—made entirely of polyurethane. According to its website, it was named the official ball of U.S. Lacrosse in July 2016. Traditional lacrosse balls are made from vulcanized rubber. Guardian said that these balls are filled with oils and plasticizers that separate over time and leach onto the surface of the ball, causing it to harden and become greasy. East Coast Dyes provides the Mint, a lacrosse ball that does not become hard and slippery over time and also meets the NOCSAE standards calling for a softer ball, which will go into effect no early than June 2017.[2]


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