Ladin Autonomist Union

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Ladin Autonomist Union
Secretary Luigi Chiocchetti
President Michele Anesi
Founded 1983
Ideology Ladin minority politics[1]
Provincial Council
1 / 35

The Ladin Autonomist Union (Ladin: Union Autonomista Ladina; Italian: Unione Autonomista Ladina; UAL) is a minor progressive-centrist political party in Trentino, Italy, which seeks to represent the Ladin minority in the Province and especially that living in Fassa Valley. Its main leader is Giuseppe Detomas.

The party was formed in 1983 and its founder Ezio Anesi was elected that year provincial deputy for the Italian Republican Party. In the 1992 Anesi was elected to the Italian Senate for the Italian Socialist Party.[2][3]

After the disappearance of the so-called First Republic parties, including the Socialists, UAL formed an alliance with the Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party (PATT) at the provincial level and with The Olive Tree (l'Ulivo) at the national level. Under these agreements, Anesi was elect to the Provincial Council in 1993 in the PATT slate, while Detomas represented UAL in the Chamber of Deputies from 1996 to 2006.

Since the introduction in 2003 of a seat for the Ladin minority, the UAL has always prevailed. In the 2013 provincial election it won 1.1% of the vote (51.8% in Fassa Falley).

Electoral results[edit]

Results are expressed in %. Before 2003, the UAL usually did not contest the elections as a stand-alone list.

2003 provincial 2008 provincial 2013 provincial
Province 1.1 1.2 1.1
Fassa Valley 52.1 54.0 51.8


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