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Lady Skollie (born Laura Windvogel in 1987) is a feminist artist and activist from Cape Town, South Africa.


Lady Skollie's art education began at a young age when her mother enrolled her in Frank Joubert Art Centre. She continued on to receive a BA of History and Art in Dutch Literature from the University of Cape Town in 2009 and a Certificate in Business Acumen for Artists from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in 2014.[1]


A classically trained artist, Skollie quickly deviated form the traditional art scene she was trained in and took to promoting her work via social media.[2] Lady Skollie's work focuses on concepts of gender, desire, sex and sexuality, intimacy, and consent in South Africa.[3]

Through her pseudonym and artistic personality, Lady Skollie, the artist aimed to create an agency in which she communicates themes that are difficult to directly speak about. The term "Skollie" is a historical term that originates in the Dutch colonized South Africa. Historically, white people used the term to identify a black person whom they considered untrustworthy or having come from an undesirable community.[4]



Skattie Celebrates Laura Windvogel, Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.


Vroeg Ryp, Vroeg Vrot by Lady Skollie, Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ask for what you want by Lady Skollie, WorldArt Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

'The only reason’ by Lady Skollie, Stevenson Gallery RAMP Project, Cape Town, South Africa.


Hottentot Skollie, part of Tomorrows/Today, special project curated by Azu Nwabogu and Ruth Simbao, Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa.

SEX, Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Lust Politics, Tyburn Gallery, London, UK.


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