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Coordinates: 40°38′9″N 23°14′48″E / 40.63583°N 23.24667°E / 40.63583; 23.24667 Lagkadikia (Greek: Λαγκαδίκια) is a village located in the regional unit of Thessaloniki, in Greece, north-east of Mount Chortiatis. It has facilities such as "Lagkadikia HighSchool (Gymnasio Lyceum)" and "Agronomy Department" that are used by many conterminous villages, as it is located on a cross-road between the lakes Koroneia and Volvi. The village has about 800 permanent inhabitants. It is part of the municipal unit of Koroneia, which contains also the villages Agios Vasileios, Gerakarou, Vasiloudi, and Ardameri.


Lagkadikia is located 36 km east from Thessaloniki and at the only road that connects the old National road to the Egnatia motorway. Visitors have three choices in order to reach the village:

  • Through the Egnatia motorway
  • Through the old national road Thessaloniki-Kavala
  • Through Panorama-Hortiatis

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