Lagoa da Conceição

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Lagoa da Conceição
Vista da Lagoa da trilha de Ratones.jpg
Lagoa da Conceição is located in Brazil
Lagoa da Conceição
Lagoa da Conceição
Lagoa da Conceição
Coordinates: 27°33′S 48°27′W / 27.550°S 48.450°W / -27.550; -48.450Coordinates: 27°33′S 48°27′W / 27.550°S 48.450°W / -27.550; -48.450
StateSanta Catarina
 • Total9,849
Time zoneUTC−03:00 (Brasília time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−02:00 (Brasília summer time)

Lagoa da Conceição (Portuguese: [laˈɡo.ɐ dɐ kõsejˈsɐ̃w]) is a district located next to a large lagoon of the same name near the center of Florianópolis, capital city of the state of Santa Catarina, located in the south of Brazil.

Lagoa da Conceição combines beaches, dunes, hills, and the biggest lagoon on the island. With such diversity, it has become the most well-known tourist spot in Florianopolis. The area has a small town center with a medical clinic, post office, pharmacies, supermarkets, boutique stores and specialty shops. The town gets particularly crowded during the Brazilian summer vacation, i.e. the months of January and February.


Many expats and Brazilian people from other cities choose to live by the lagoon because of its stunning views, safety, nature and quality of life. Most people living around the lagoon choose to move here for a life more connected to the nature, to practice sports, Yoga, to eat healthy. Most people believe in a harmonious life and are very relaxed. The little town is full of vegetarian restaurants, organic food, gyms and spas. Highest safety standards in South America allow people to walk around day and night, hitchhike, commute by bicycle and have eco friendly everyday life.

The History of the region around the lagoon is a plus with all the folklore, netting tradition, old Portuguese architecture, graffiti, and a charming 18th century church on the top of the hill. The Holy Spirit Feast (Festa do Divino) is a festival that takes place 40 days after Easter. The celebration dates to the colonial era and includes a parade, music, and street food.

Hipsters Market

Every Saturday and Sunday there is a Market on the main square in front of the little bridge with art crafts, vintage items, vinyl discs, organic food, local honey. For those who are after traditional bobbin laces, there are some street-side vendors where towels, curtains, and even dresses may be found. They're handmade items, not only in lace, but also crochet and woven. On Sundays there is the Feirate, or Art Fair in the Bento Silveiro square, with over 80 craftsmen. Anything, from educational wooden toys to tapestries may be found here. During the off season the fair goes from 10 am to 6 pm, during the high season, from 5 pm to midnight.


With a water temperature that averages 27 °C during summer, shallow water and an absence of waves make the lake a calm place for kids and family groups. Halfway down Rendeiras Avenue, on the edge of the lagoon, two sand courts guarantee an ideal spot for playing volleyball and foot volleyball. You can also have fun there at night as the area is lighted for night-time sports.

There are also several boat rides for remarkably low prices. The boats usually leave from the end of Rendeiras Avenue. You can also rent kayaks and pedal boats there, as well as take windsurfing, kite surfing, and canoeing lessons.


There are several establishments, mostly bed-and-breakfast hotels and worldwide famous hostels. The Lagoon put Florianópolis among the top destinations for backpackers and foreign travelers in South America. The best rated hostels of Brazil are located here. Although the area is very famous, most travelers stay in small hostels or guesthouses to enjoy the local atmosphere. The advantage of staying by the lagoon is the easy access to many parts of the island. For those who come without a car and who don't intend to rent one, Lagoa da Conceição is a very well supplied neighborhood in regards to public transportation, including buses and boats. Local people are also very friendly and always offer rides to visitors.


The large variety of bars makes Lagoa nightlife the most popular destination in Florianópolis. The fun starts early at the many cafés in the small center, which tend to get packed at the end of the afternoon, especially in the summer. Some of the finest restaurants in town are located in Lagoa. The menus vary: there is typical local seafood to pizza, through Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Old Azorean cuisine and sandwiches. The food truck parking lot is a meeting point for hipster from all over the world. There are also calm places with live music, alternative bands, nightclubs, bars with dance floors or open air bars. In high season the large number of people enjoying these attractions result in traffic jams from the Lagoa hill to the end of Rendeiras Avenue, but you can also walk everywhere as distances are short and the place is known for its Zero Violence statistic.

The Lagoa da Conceição district also includes beaches, namely Praia Mole and Joaquina, both of which have hosted major international professional surf tour events.[vague] Windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing and jetskiing are very popular activities on the lake and at the adjacent beaches there are always surfers in the water regardless of the temperature. The dunes between Lagoa da Conceição and Joaquina are where sandboarding was born. The hills around the lagoon afford a perfect lift off for hangliders and paragliders. There are also several trails for ecological hikes and biking.