Lagonda 16/80

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Lagonda 16/80
Lagonda 16-80 T2 Special Tourer.jpg
Manufacturer Lagonda
Production 1932–1934
Body and chassis
Body style 2 door sports, 4-door tourer, 4 door saloon
Engine 1991 cc ohv 6 cylinder[1]
Predecessor Lagonda 2-litre

The Lagonda 16/80 was a sports touring car introduced by Lagonda in 1932, replacing the company’s 4-cylinder 2-litre model.

The first part of its name referred to its Fiscal horsepower rating of 16 (actually 15.7).[1] Under naming conventions common at the time, the second number in its name might have referred to the car’s bhp. However, actual power output fell a long way short of 80 bhp, leading one well informed owner to suggest that it may have referred to the car’s claimed top speed of 80 mph (129 km/h).[1]

The car was unusual in being the only Lagonda to be offered with a Crossley engine.[2] However, each engine purchased was stripped down by Lagonda, checked and rebuilt according to their own specifications before becoming the heart of a 16/80.[1] Also, unlike its usual configuration when used in Crossley's own vehicles, it was fitted with twin HV3 type SU carburettors.

In 1933 the option of a E.N.V preselector gear-box became available.[2] When new the car was guaranteed for nine years.[1] However, a condition of the guarantee was that it be returned to the manufacturers every three years for a thorough overhaul and update, which would have been provided only at considerable cost.[1]

The car was dropped by Lagonda, shortly before the firm's dramatic rescue from financial collapse by Alan Good, at the end of in 1934.[2]

According to the Lagonda Club, 261 were made.

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