Laguna de Calderas

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Laguna de Calderas
Location San Vicente Pacaya, Escuintla
Coordinates 14°24′40″N 90°35′25″W / 14.41111°N 90.59028°W / 14.41111; -90.59028Coordinates: 14°24′40″N 90°35′25″W / 14.41111°N 90.59028°W / 14.41111; -90.59028
Lake type Crater lake
Basin countries Guatemala
Surface area 0.11 km2 (0.042 sq mi)
Surface elevation 1,778 m (5,833 ft)

Laguna de Calderas is a crater lake in the municipality of Amatitlán, Guatemala, Guatemala. It is located approximately 6 km south of Lake Amatitlán and 3 km north of the currently active vent of the Pacaya volcano. The lake has a surface area of 11 ha and is situated at an altitude of 1778 m.[1]


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