Lagoon of Orbetello

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Laguna di Orbetello
Orbetello - Dettaglio laguna 2.JPG
Location Province of Grosseto, Tuscany
Coordinates 42°26′15.10″N 11°11′38.70″E / 42.4375278°N 11.1940833°E / 42.4375278; 11.1940833Coordinates: 42°26′15.10″N 11°11′38.70″E / 42.4375278°N 11.1940833°E / 42.4375278; 11.1940833
Basin countries Italy
Surface area 26.9 km2 (10.4 sq mi)
Surface elevation 1 m (3 ft 3 in)
Designated December 14, 1976[1]

Laguna di Orbetello is a lake in the Province of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. At an elevation of 1 m, its surface area is 26.9 km2.


It is separated from the Tyrrhenian Sea by two tombolos (Giannella in the north and Feniglia in the south) that join the promontory of Monte Argentario to continental territory. In the middle of the lagoon, on another land strip, is located the town of Orbetello.

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