Laila Elwi

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Laila Ahmed Elwi
Laila Eloui 8.jpg
Eloui in 2019
Born (1962-01-04) January 4, 1962 (age 61)
Years active1977–present
Mansour al-Gammal
(m. 2007; div. 2015)
ChildrenKhaled Elwi

Laila Ahmed Eloui (born January 4, 1962, in Cairo), sometimes credited as Laila Eloui, Laila Olwy, Laila Elwi, and Laila Elwy (Arabic: ليلى علوي), is an Egyptian actress. She has starred in more than 70 movies and has been honored at Egyptian and international festivals with awards for most of her roles. She has also been the head – or member – of several jury committees for local and international festivals.[3] Recently, she has received an award for her lifetime achievements[4] along with Egyptian actress Safia El Emari, South Korean actress Yoon Jeong-hee, American actor Richard Gere, and French actress Juliette Binoche during the opening of the 34th Cairo International Film Festival.[5][6]

Early life[edit]

Eloui was born in Cairo, Egypt, her father Ahmad Eloui is an Egyptian, while her mother Stella is Greek from Icaria. Eloui's maternal grandmother was of Italian descent, she came to Egypt to work at the Marriott Mena House Hotel.[7]


Laila started her career at a young age. When she was a seven-year-old, she participated in radio and television programs, and at the age of fifteen she appeared onstage for the first time in Taman Sittat (8 Women), a play by Galal El Sharkawy.[8]


  • Min Agl Al-Haya (1977).
  • Kharag wa Lam Ya'oud (1985).
  • Ayam Al-Tahadi (1985).
  • Gababerat Al-Mena (1985).
  • Hekaya fi Kelmeteen (1985).
  • Al-Nesaa (1985).
  • Zawg Taht Eltalab (1985).
  • Wa Tadhak Al-Akdar (1985).
  • Al-Harafesh (1986).
  • Al-Onsa (1986).
  • Ah ya Balad (1986).
  • Taht Al-Tahdeed (1986).
  • Azraa wa Thalath Regal (1986).
  • Asr Al-Ze'ab (1986).
  • Kelmeta.
  • Ya Azizi Kolona Losous.
  • Samaa Hoss.
  • Ya Mehalabeya Ya.
  • Al-Hagama.
  • Ay Ay.
  • Enzar Belta'a.
  • Kalil Men Al Hob Katheer Men Al Onf.
  • Al Ragol Al Talet.
  • Esharet Morour.
  • Tofah.
  • Ya Donya Ya Gharami.
  • Edhak Al Soura Tetla Helwa.
  • Al-Massir (1997).
  • Hala'a Housh (1997).
  • Our Blessed Aunt (1998)
  • Hob Al-Banat (2003).
  • Baheb Al-Cima halif bro as Laila Eloui (2005).
  • Alwan elsama elsabaah (2008).
  • Laylat Al Baby Doll (2008).
  • Hakayat Bin Ash-ha (2009).
  • El Basabees We El 3osyan describing the story of a girl who became psychotic after her brother took her toka
  • Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces (2016)



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