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Lake Babine Nation (also Nataotin, Nat'oot'en Nation) is a Babine band government, historically located on the banks of Babine Lake in central British Columbia, Canada. Its main community has been in Woyenne, near Burns Lake, since many of the nation's members moved there in the 1940s. Other year-round communities include Tachek (or Tachet, Tache or Tachie) on the west side of Babine Lake, and Wit'at (Fort Babine) at the end of the northwest arm of the lake. Seasonal communities include Nedo'ats (Old Fort) at the north end of the lake and Donald's Landing (Pinkut Nation) toward the south end.

The nation consists of roughly 2,000 members, living both on and off reserve. Its traditional language is Babine-Wet'su'wet'en, a Northern Athabaskan language. It was initially created in December 1957 by legislation from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada which amalgamated the Fort Babine and Old Fort Bands. It is currently at stage 4 of the British Columbia Treaty Negotiation Process.

Woyenne, with approximately 940 residents,[1] is adjacent to the community of Burns Lake, British Columbia, but has its own preschool, kindergarten, daycare, and adult learning centre. The Nation's main band office is located in Woyenne.

Wit'at (Fort Babine) has approximately 60 permanent residents, an elementary school, a health clinic, a water treatment plant and a satellite band office. Because the forced amalgamation in the 1950s, there has been a separation movement in the community of Wit'at. In fact, some people in this community will refer to themselves as "Wit'at Nation."

Tachek also has approximately 130 permanent residents,[1] a satellite band office, a water treatment plant and a convenience store.


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