Lake Baldegg

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Lake Baldegg
Location Canton of Lucerne
Coordinates 47°11′55″N 8°15′38″E / 47.19861°N 8.26056°E / 47.19861; 8.26056Coordinates: 47°11′55″N 8°15′38″E / 47.19861°N 8.26056°E / 47.19861; 8.26056
Primary inflows Ron
Primary outflows Aabach
Catchment area 73 km²
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 4.5 km
Max. width 1.7 km
Surface area 5.2 km²
Average depth 33 m
Max. depth 66 m
Water volume 0.173 km³
Residence time 4.2 years [1]
Surface elevation 463 m
Settlements Gelfingen, Nunwil, Baldegg, Retschwil
References [1]

Lake Baldegg (German: Baldeggersee) is a lake in the Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. Its area is about 5.2 km² and its maximum depth is 66 m.


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