Lake Duluti

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Lake Duluti
Lake Duluti
LocationArusha District
CoordinatesCoordinates: 3°23′10″S 36°47′20″E / 3.386°S 36.789°E / -3.386; 36.789
TypeNatural freshwater lake, volcanic crater lake
Basin countriesTanzania
Max. length1.11 km (0.69 mi)
Max. width0.73 km (0.45 mi)
Surface area0.6 km2 (0.23 sq mi)[1]
Max. depth9 m (30 ft)[2]
Surface elevation1,290 m (4,230 ft)[3]

Lake Duluti is a volcanic crater lake in the Arusha region[4] of Tanzania, on the eastern edge of the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley. It is located in Meru District near the town of Tengeru and is 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) from Arusha city centre and 1.31 kilometres (0.81 mi) from the Arusha-Moshi road.

Lake Duluti covers about 63 hectares (160 acres), and the surrounding Duluti Forestry Reserve covers about 19 hectares (47 acres) of land. The deepest part of the lake, in its center, is about 9 m (30 ft) deep; the shallow parts are at the lake's shore, where the depth varies from side to side.[5]


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