Lake Keret

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Lake Keret
Lake Keret NASA.jpg
from space
LocationRepublic of Karelia
Coordinates65°55′00″N 32°56′00″E / 65.9166667°N 32.9333333°E / 65.9166667; 32.9333333Coordinates: 65°55′00″N 32°56′00″E / 65.9166667°N 32.9333333°E / 65.9166667; 32.9333333
Basin countriesRussia
Surface area223 km2 (86 sq mi)

Lake Keret (Russian: Кереть, Finnish: Kierettijärvi) is a large freshwater lake in the Republic of Karelia, northwestern part of Russia. It has an area of 223 km². There are about 130 islands on the lake. Keret is used for fishery. Lake Keret freezes up in early November and stays icebound until late May.