Miramar Reservoir

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Miramar Reservoir
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LocationScripps Ranch, San Diego, California
Coordinates32°54′55″N 117°05′56″W / 32.9154°N 117.0988°W / 32.9154; -117.0988Coordinates: 32°54′55″N 117°05′56″W / 32.9154°N 117.0988°W / 32.9154; -117.0988
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area162 acres (66 ha)
Max. depth114 ft (35 m)
1.Carrol Cove 2.Clairemont Point 3.Bernardo Bay 4.Director’s Point 5.Poway Arm 6.Woodson Point 7.Penasquitos Arm 8.Ramona Point 9.Starvation Cove 10.Escondido Arm 11.San Diego Arm 12.Elliot Cove 13.Sorrento Cove 14.Mo’s Hole

Miramar Reservoir is a reservoir located in the Scripps Miramar Ranch community of San Diego, California. Owned, operated and maintained by the City of San Diego, the reservoir was completed in 1960 as part of the second San Diego Aqueduct project. Water flowing south to the reservoir originates from both the Colorado River Aqueduct and the California Aqueduct, brought into San Diego by the San Diego County Water Authority.

Entrance sign
Aerial view of the lake looking toward the east

The Miramar Reservoir is also a popular recreation site known as Lake Miramar or Miramar Lake to local residents. Activities include boating, fishing, picnicking, and the use of an over 5-mile-long trail wrapping around the lake. The stretch of the trail over the dam was fenced off for security reasons after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and reopened in 2007.[1] This scenic stretch provides panoramic views of Mira Mesa, Miramar, University City, and other northern San Diego communities.

Miramar Water Treatment Plant[edit]

The Miramar Water Treatment Plant began operation in 1962. Approximately 500,000 customers in the northern section of the City are served by the Miramar Reservoir. An upgrade and expansion project to the Miramar Water Treatment Plant began in summer 1998 with construction starting in May 2001. The project was completed in 2011. The project includes chlorine and ozone disinfection facilities.[2]

Ducks and Geese at Lake Miramar

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