Lake Ouareau

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Lake Ouareau
Lac Ouareau.PNG
Location Saint-Donat / Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Matawinie Regional County Municipality, Quebec
Coordinates 46°17′03″N 74°08′34″W / 46.28417°N 74.14278°W / 46.28417; -74.14278Coordinates: 46°17′03″N 74°08′34″W / 46.28417°N 74.14278°W / 46.28417; -74.14278
Basin countries Canada

Lac (Lake) Ouareau is a fairly large lake located near the town of Saint-Donat, in Quebec, Canada. It is approximately 100 minutes by car north of downtown Montreal in the Laurentian Highlands and is located on the outskirts of Saint-Donat. Celine Dion currently owns a summer house on Lac Ouareau.[citation needed]

Flora and fauna[edit]

The lake is home to many ideal freshwater sport fish such as largemouth bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and, in some areas, muskellunge. The lake is also home to many microorganisms that have been known to thrive in very clean, or "nutritious" Northern lakes. The temperature of the water is 55 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.


An all-girls camp is located on the borders of this lake, hence its name, "Camp Ouareau". Camp Ouareau was established in 1922 by two women who after a disagreement decided to part ways. One of the women remained at Ouareau & the other went on to be a founder of an all-girls camp in Ontario, Camp Oconto.

Allegedly, while Camp Ouareau & Camp Oconto are structurally & fundamentally different they are said to have similar traditions (i.e., opening & closing traditions, which are candle lit ceremonies complete with classical music & poetry).

Originally an English camp, in the 1970s the director at the time decided to start accepting 50% francophone campers. Each individual age group has 50% anglophone & 50% francophone enrolment in order to ensure an exchange of the language & cultures while experiencing the different areas of camp life: activities, dining room, in cabins/tents, etc.