Lake Piva

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Lake Piva
Pivsko jezero
Coordinates 43°09′50″N 18°51′43″E / 43.164°N 18.862°E / 43.164; 18.862Coordinates: 43°09′50″N 18°51′43″E / 43.164°N 18.862°E / 43.164; 18.862
Primary inflows Piva
Primary outflows Piva
Basin countries  Montenegro
Max. length 45 km (28 mi)
Max. width 0.7 km (0.43 mi)
Surface area 12.5 km2 (4.8 sq mi)
Max. depth 188 m (617 ft)
Surface elevation 675 m (2,215 ft)
Settlements Plužine

Lake Piva (Pivsko jezero) is a reservoir in Montenegro. It is located in the northwest part of the country, in Plužine Municipality. The surface of the lake is 12.5 km², the length is 45 km, and the maximum depth is 188 m.[citation needed] The elevation is 675 m from the sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world.[citation needed]

The artificial lake is the result of the construction of Mratinje Dam on the Piva river.[1] On the bottom of the lake there is the old town Plužine; Piva Monastery was also there, but it has been relocated. The new location of the monastery is 8 km from Plužine, and 3.5 km away from the original location of the monastery. The relocation has started in 1969 and finished in 1982.[2]