Lake Polyfytos Bridge

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West Macedonia. The bridge over the Polyphytos artificial lake of the river Aliakmonas in Kozani regional unit.

The Lake Polyphytos Bridge (Greek: Γέφυρα της λίμνης του Πολυφύτου, Gefyra tis limnis tou Polyfytou) or the Servia / Neraida High Bridge (Υψηλή Γέφυρα Σερβίων / Νεράιδας, Ypsili Gefyra Servion / Neraidas) is one of the longest bridges in Greece, with a length of 1,372 m.[1] Construction began in 1972 along with the artificial lake and was completed in 1975.

The bridge is a part of the GR-3/E65 (Athens - Lamia - Larissa - Kozani - Florina) and is located 15 km southeast of the city of Kozani and 5 km northwest of Servia. It is one of the two bridges of the lake; the other is the Rymnios Bridge to the southwest near Aiani and is smaller, with 615 m length.



Coordinates: 40°13′58″N 21°58′26″E / 40.23278°N 21.97389°E / 40.23278; 21.97389