Lake Tritriva

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Lake Tritriva
Lake Tritriva 01.jpg
Coordinates 19°55′44″S 46°55′29″E / 19.9290°S 46.9247°E / -19.9290; 46.9247Coordinates: 19°55′44″S 46°55′29″E / 19.9290°S 46.9247°E / -19.9290; 46.9247
Type crater lake
Basin countries Madagascar

Lake Tritriva is a volcanic lake in southwest-central Madagascar, in the region of Vàkinankàratra, located near the village of Belazao. The lake fills an extinct crater[1] in a region notable also for the presence of many hot springs. It sits in the vent of an oval volcanic cone enclosed in vertical gneiss cliffs. The lake's water level drops during the rainy season and rises when the monsoon rains have ceased.

Tritriva was drawn to the attention of the larger world by James Sibree, Jr. in 1885.[2]

Lake Tritriva 02.jpg


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