Lake Umbozero

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Umbozero Lake
Location Murmansk Oblast
Coordinates 67°41′45″N 34°22′44″E / 67.69583°N 34.37889°E / 67.69583; 34.37889Coordinates: 67°41′45″N 34°22′44″E / 67.69583°N 34.37889°E / 67.69583; 34.37889
Type Natural lake
Primary inflows Sura River
Primary outflows Umba River
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 44 km
Max. width 10 km
Surface area 422 km²
Average depth 15 m
Max. depth 115 m
Surface elevation 149 m

Umbozero Lake (Russian: Умбозеро, named after the adherent Umba River) is located in Murmansk Oblast of Russia, between the Khibiny on the west and Lovozero Tundras on the east. Area is 422 km², average depth is 15 m, maximum is 115. The lake freezes from the end of October. Its largest island is Sarvanovsky. Three kinds of fish are found in the lake.